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💯 % Egg-less cakes in 1000+ varieties, customised to Your own choice.


Yummy Cupcakes and Muffins to fill Your tummy anytime..


Spongy and soft Breads for Your everyday meal.


Deliciously Hot cookies You cannot resist.


Hot and Crunchy Kharis with morning Tea to start Your day.


Spice Up your self with our variety of Puffs.


About us

The Cakepool is manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of variety of bakery products based in Jamnagar, Gujarat.

The Cakepool promoted the concept of Live Cake making studio in Jamnagar. Our USP is we belive in serving hot and cruchy bakery products. Accordingly, most of the bakery products like Rusks, Khari, puffs, Cookies etc. are served hot at anytime.

We also master in providing fresh and delicious cakes, pastries, muffins, cake rusks etc in 1000+ varietis / designs. The cakes are customised to the customers' requirements.

We also manufacture wide variety of Breads (Golden Soft Bread, Crustless Bread, Atta Bread, Brown Bread etc.), Pizza base, Spongy Pav, Burger Pav, Kulcha etc.

We Serve Taste
with Purity.


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